We are Japanese M&A Advisory, Accounting firm, Business Advisory for companies and individual owners
who are considering to expand or sell their business in the fields of M&A,
business expansion and Accounting in Singapore as well as South East Asia.

About our Departments

Global Partners Consulting specializes in global business expansion to Singapore and neighbouring ASEAN countries.
We have 3 departments (Business Advisory, M&A Advisory, Accounting) that provide dedicated support for your business expansion overseas as well as after the expansion, using 2 key strategies: through expanding your own business OR the acquisition of local companies.

Department of Business Advisory

Based on your business strategy and objective, we will be responsible for planning and executing your business expansion. We serve to help expand your overseas branch and your business in ASEAN areas while providing you with expert consulting services. We currently provide support in the fields of education, F&B, human resource, FinTech, and many more. You can count on us to not only plan your expansion but execute it as well.

“TO JAPAN” Business Advisory Service - Japan Market Entry Consulting

We have expanded the scope of our business to local Singaporean companies to support their business expansion process in Japan. Japan has the world’s third-largest GDP, representing about 10% of the world’s economy. With its substantial size, entering the Japanese market can be relatively difficult, and takes strategic planning and analysis to overcome barriers to entry and find the right partners to achieve the goals long term.

At GPC, we help design a market entry strategy specialised for your business model to adapt to the right market in Japan. With our integrated one-stop solution support across various areas, we walk together with you, step by step, in the right direction to reduce any risks associated with entering a new market. With our diverse team of consultants that bring profound knowledge of different industries, we combine our expertise and strive to serve as a bridge between Japan and Singapore.
"TO JAPAN" Business Advisory Service

Department of Corporate Finance (M&A Advisory)

We are the only Japanese company in Singapore that provides M&A consulting service for the local sellers. Our clients are all locals companies from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and etc. If you are looking to sell your company to or partner with Japanese companies, please do feel free to approach us.
M&A Advisory Service

Today, the expected role of a business owner or as an investors has expanded as our businesses grew to become more internationalised and complex than ever. One of the topic that is commonly brought up by the management of a company is maximizing a company's value. However, corporate valuation for non-listed companies or SMEs often requires specialized financial techniques and knowledge that are often complicated and expensive.

We, Global Partners Group, coupled with our expertise, experience and knowledge in business valuation, wants to provide all business owners an automated COMPLIMENTARY STOCK VALUATION CALCULATOR so that everyone could be aware of their corporate value that would be useful in considering management and financial strategies. Furthermore, we hope this valuation tool would bridge the communication between an investor and the management.

Department of Accounting (GPC Avic Pte. Ltd.)

We provide accounting services in Japanese. You can outsource everything to us including: bookkeeping, payments and communications with banks, payroll, monthly statement, communication to the partner company (taxation/ secretary work). We also offer visa application services. So far, we are maintaining a 100% approval rate for that.

About our Company

Company Name Global Partners Consulting Pte. Ltd.
Establishment 26/08/2010
Registration No. 201018147N
Address 112 Robinson Road #07-04 Singapore 068902
Tel +65-6221-5109
Directors Yasuo Sekiguchi(CPA) / Dai Nishikata(CPA) /   Zenta Nishida / Yuki Itakura
Main Business M&A, Supporting business expansion into foreign country, Accounting Outsourcing, Emigration, IPO
Our Global Offices

GPC Gateway Pte. Ltd.
Address:112 Robinson Road #07-04 Singapore 068902
Office Phone:+65-6221-5109
Directors: Zenta Nishida

GPC Avic Pte. Ltd.
Address:112 Robinson Road #07-04 Singapore 068902
Office Phone:+65-6221-0195
Directors: Zenta Nishida / Getty Poon (CPA)

Global Partners Consulting, Inc.
Address:〒102-0085 Bancho M bldg 3rd Floor, 2-8, Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Office Phone:+81 3 5275 1060 | Fax No: +81 3 5275 1066
(Global Satellite Office)
Address: 2-1 Ichigayahachimancho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0844, Japan
Contact: Youngok Chung (Global PR)

GPC Japan, Inc.
Office Phone:+81-3-5275-1060
Address:〒102-0085 Bancho M bldg 3rd Floor, 2-8, Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Global Partners Consulting (HK) Limited
Address:Room 1608, 16/F, 655 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Office Phone:+852-2366-6313

GPC VN Co., Ltd.
Address:Floor 12, Viettel Building,Block A, 285 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
Office Phone:+84-937-980-369

Other markets covered:

Our Successful Business Cases

(or type of industry)
Our Role Records of Transaction
Expansion into overseas business Since starting business, we have been engaging with more than 200 projects. Local Welfare Consulting for Finance and HR related Feb 2013:Started as new business
Aug 2015:Personnel administration of whole of 15 staffs and Financial arrangement
Japanese Food Hygen Inspection/Export Support expanding business in Singapore Nov 2014:Market survey
Sep 2015: Alliance with Halal certification body in Singapore
Mar 2016:With this alliance, Japanese Food manufacture obtained Halal Certificate
Animation production company Support expanding business in Singapore/Verification of International tax affairs May 2016: Operation starts in Singapore, Market survey about Anime market in ASEAN
Japanese Massage shop Support expanding business in Singapore Jun 2014: Started on-site massage
Mar 2016: Opened the shop
Japanese Aesthetic Clinic Support expanding business in Singapore Apr 2016: Market survey
Jan-Apr 2017: Recruitment, Obtained license
Jun 2017: Planning to open the shop
Sales company of Robotic Education contents Agent acquisiton in Singapore/Orgnize event for children(Include attracting customer on website) Since 2017
Medical equipment Manufacture After marketing survey in Singapore, acquired agency 2018
Nursing Facility operating company Upon expanding business in Indonesia, provide support for license, partner seeking and sealing the deal with more than 150 local academic institutions 2018
Cosmetology Clinic Setting up clinic in Singapore, followed by Beauty spa 2018
Luxury Apparel Brand Operational reforms consulting for HR related and finance 2018
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Agency Improve financial standing, Consulting for manager training 2018
Paperwork Outsourcing Corporate planning Outsourcing Service(Include Web consulting) 2018
Private bank in Hongkong Consulting for Customer acquisition(Include attracting customer on website) 2018
Electric tool manufacture Acquisition of sales agent in Myammar. Field survey for Market development in Laos, Cambodia and Bangladesh 2019
Restaurant Total consulting for opening the restaurant 2019
Major Oil Company Translation for company regulation in Singapore Subsidiary 2019
Member-exclusive service operating company Market survey about Feasibility of new business plan 2019
Medical Clinic Operational reforms consulting for HR related and finance 2019
Best-selling author Consulting for Local Awareness improvment(Include attracting customer on website) 2019
IT Solution Business matching support 2019
Private University Arrangement for overseas inspection 2019
Private University Support for holding local Seminar for fee(Include attracting customer on website) 2019
Singapore Business Federation(SBF) Attracting customer upon holding a seminar about business expansion in India (Include attracting customer on website) 2019
Local bank/Local Public Corporation Regional revitalization Project (ongoing) 2019
Leading company for consigned processing of Medicine Test sale of supplement and cosmetic in Singapore (MELO!) 2019-2020
Leading company for Recyled ink Test sale of Stationery in Singapore (MELO!) 2019-2020
Denim processing company Workshop, Test sale and Cross-border EC production and operation (MELO!) 2019-2020
Development and Manufacture and sales/Wholesale of Beauty and Health related producs Test sale of cosmetic and Facial massager in Singapore (MELO!) 2020
Design, Manufacture, Sales and Wholesale of Cosmetic Test sale of cosmetic and Facial massager in Singapore (MELO!) 2020
International Trade System Develpment company Production of product video in English 2020
Web Promotion Company Website making in English 2020
Member-exclusive service company Web Promotion in Singapore 2020
Corporate finance/M&A Japanese Gaming company (in HK) • Goodwill evaluation of IFRS 08/2012: Listed on HKEx
Japanese Payment Service Provider • Support KOSDAQ stock exchange listing
• Conversion to IFRS etc.
12/2012: Listed on KOSDAQ
Japanese online car distributer • Support TWSE (Taiwan) stock exchange listing
• Conversion to IFRS etc.
01/2014: Listed on TWSE
M&A: Japanese F&B • M&A Advisory (buyer-side) 09/2015: Completion of the acquisition.
M&A : Singapore F&B • M&A Advisory (seller-side) 04/2016: Completion of the sale.
M&A : Singapore travel agency • M&A Advisory (seller-side) 04/2016: Completion of the sale.
M&A : Singapore food distributor • M&A Advisory (seller-side) 01/2017: Completion of the sale.
Singapore F&B Chain • M&A advisory (sell-side) 11/2018: Completion of sale
Singapore seafood distributor • M&A advisory (sell-side) 8/2019: Completion of sale
Vietnam poultry Joint Venture project • M&A advisory (sell-side) 11/2019: Completion of JV project
Emigration A high-net-worth Japanese • International tax advisory services
• Local wealth management.
01/2013: Started wealth management with a wealth management faculty tie-up (Trust license certified finance authority)
A Japanese business founder • Offshore management of the company 12/2014: started offshore corp. management (BVI/Marshall)
Japanese entrepreneur • Exit tax advisory services 03/2016: Exit tax advisory services and emigration support
※Supported the approval of 102 employment visa since Feb 2013.
Accounting Firm (Past performance with more than 50 companies) Education-related company Accounting Firm 02/2010
Apparel company Accounting Firm 2012
Member-exclusive service company Accounting Firm 02/2013
Clinic Accounting Firm 10/2016
Personal evaluation system company Accounting Firm 11/2016
Admin outsource company Accounting Firm 02/2016
Animation production company Accounting Firm 03/2016
Ai Solution company Accounting Firm 05/2017
Business coaching company Accounting Firm 07/2018
Local Restaurant chain Accounting Firm 2019
EC Management/Analysis tools provider company Accounting Firm 2019
Trading system company Accounting Firm 05/2019
Spa company Accounting Firm 07/2019
IT Consulting company Accounting Firm 07/2019
Logistics company Accounting Firm 11/2019
Marketing company Accounting Firm 12/2019
Fund Management company Accounting Firm 12/2019
Digital Marketing company Accounting Firm 03/2020
Energy company Accounting Firm 03/2020
F&B consulting company Accounting Firm 06/2020

Founder's Message

Our group provides a wide range of consulting services related to Mergers and Acquisitions, IPO, accounting and domestic/international tax. We provide the best services with the best project teams including but not limited to professionals in Corporate Accounting, Tax System, Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, to cater to your specific requests.

Japanese companies are already expanding their scope out of Japan and are looking at the more exciting overseas opportunities amid of this highly globalized world. During this process, we help our clients to make a smooth overseas business expansion by establishing a base in Singapore and facilitate their immigration overseas. We will also ensure our clients of an effortless process, supported by our team of friendly and professional Japanese natives and Japanese-speaking locals.

As a consulting company, we are constantly collecting and updating ourselves with the latest information. We strive to deliver the most up-to-date knowledge, information and know-how to meet our clients’ consulting needs in a most efficient way.

Yasuo Sekiguchi (Certified Public Accountant of Japan), Managing Director

Singapore Representative's Message

GPC Singapore is aiming to be No.1 in business consultancy for Japanese business expansion overseas. To ensure that this fast-growing company continually creates more value, we are constantly asking ourselves: In terms of our services, where can we improve? What additional services can we provide? Who can provide those services?

We have finally found an answer to the above questions. Through embracing different cultures and values, we dedicate ourselves to providing our client corporations with unique services that no one else can offer. In addition, through honing our competence in execution, influence, relationship-building and strategic thinking, we are continuously improving ourselves to offer even better consulting services to help our client corporations grow.

Zenta Nishida, GPC Singapore Representative

GPC Value