【GPC’s M&A advisory】M&A advisory for sellers/local business owners in Southeast Asia



GPC’s Corporate Finance service provides a comprehensive and intimate knowledge in our Cross Border Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Advisory services across all industry sectors. We differentiate ourselves by focusing our M&A advisory services in serving sellers or local business owners in Southeast Asia.

With a team of our culturally diverse leading professionals previously from Big 4 and other tier one international consulting firms, trading houses and multinational banks, we are capable of providing our clients a tailored M&A advisory service that encompasses invaluable local insights to ensure a successful transaction with minimal disruption to your operations.

GPC would be with you throughout the whole process from planning to execution, as we strive to unlock value and navigate the complexities of cross-border M&A transactions within Southeast Asia that are becoming more prevalent today.



  1. YOUR interest is OUR priority Unlike many consulting firms who represents a buyer or investor, we specialise in providing our cross-border M&A advisory services to the seller or business owners. Our sell-side focused M&A advisory service always puts the interest of the seller or business owners in the centre of our heart.
  2. Vast network of strategic investors from Japan and other regions around the world Tapping on our roots all the way back to Japan, we have a strong outreach to most listed or private strategic Japanese corporations and investors who are active and aggressive in expanding their presence globally.

    With our team of professionals physically located within Southeast Asia, coupled with our deep cultural understanding in working with Japanese corporations, GPC ensures deal success by protecting your company’s interest and eliminate any cultural or transaction complexity hurdles where many of our clients has benefited.
  3. Navigating industry and deal complexities with our deep expertiseOur broad M&A advisory experiences have enabled us to serve business owners like yourself from any industry effectively. Together with GPC, we are able to provide our dedicated cross-border M&A advisory services to overcome your unique business challenges and circumstances.

We are experts at handling projects concerning:

  • Business sale and divestments (Sell-side or Buy-side M&A advisory)
  • Equity fundraising for company
  • Strategic joint ventures and partnerships
  • M&A transaction support (Financial, Tax Due Diligence or Valuation)



Merger and Acquisition process are complex and resource intensive. With GPC, we offer a comprehensive M&A advisory service where we are together with you, step by step throughout the whole deal execution process from start till completion.
To enquire more about our M&A advisory services and how we can help you and your company in divestment or seeking a strategic investor to overcome your unique business challenges, reach out to any one of our professionals here:
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Whether you are an individual or a corporate professional, we believe it is always possible to leverage on each other's network and expertise to achieve the common desired outcomes. We welcome individuals who are in the following situations to reach out to us for any collaboration opportunities:

  • Individual who are well connected to many business owners of various industries within the ASEAN region.
  • Have a close friend who is looking to sell its business/company but unsure of what to do.
  • Wants to speak or already speaking to a potential investor and is currently looking for a professional who can provide M&A advisory and support the negotiation or communication with the Japanese companies/counterparts in mind.
  • Corporate professionals exploring new business collaborations or partnerships opportunities.


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