E-Commerce in Singapore 2018


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Report in a nutshell

There are many factors that have contributed to the growth of ecommerce sales. For one, internet and mobile penetration in Singapore has been extremely high - 82% of the Singapore population has access and use internet on a frequent basis, compared to about 50% penetration worldwide. Moreover, more than 77% of them are plugged into online social media (vs. 37% globally), and a whopping 70% of them use social media via mobile, allowing these consumers to experiment with new purchase platforms.

What can you get from the report?

  • The trend of e-commerce across the globe.
  • Identify consumers personal details through e-commerce penetration.
  • Know the major key players in retail and service that make use of e-commerce technology in their businesses.
  • The role of Singapore government in e-commerce arena.

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