Women Labour Force in Singapore 2018


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Report in a nutshell

Singapore values the female labour force very much, and women are indeed contributing much to the very limited local working force. Compared to Japan where the social norm is that married women do not work and will take care of the family, most of the local girls value career expiration more than the family, esp. at a younger age.

As a result of this cultural difference and the big role female labour force has in the society, it is therefore paramount for foreign businessman to understand this group of local workers.

What can you get from the report?

  • Important stats about the female population in Singapore (e.g. education level)
  • Key indicators of the female workforce in Singapore (employement rate, unemployment rate, pay etc. over the years)
  • Updated laws and regulations (e.g. maternity leave and etc.)
  • What the local female workers are looking out for, and how to keep them.
  • Future outlook of the female labour force in Singapore.

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