Singapore P2P Lending 2018


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Report in a nutshell

Singapore P2P lending industry is worth ~US$160mil, not that far from the rest of the APAC countries with largest alternative financing volumes (Australia: US$600mil, Japan: US$400mil, Korea: US$380mil). Globally, the industry is expected to grow at a rate of 20% every year to reach US$900bil by 2024.

P2P lending is a heavily technology-driven industry currently which guide the investors and borrowers in their transactions. Not as simple as the business sounds, this industry faces many challenges including the control of default rate, the adherence to increasingly stringent laws and regulations and etc.

What can you get from the report?

  • Definition of P2P Lending business
  • Contributing Factors & Challenges faced in doing P2P business
  • Future trends of P2P Lending in SEA
  • Leading P2P Companies in Singapore

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