Halal Food in Indonesia


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Report in a nutshell

For several years, Indonesians have been attempting to expand its food options in order to reduce dependency on staple food. For example, consuming of sago over rice in main diet, resulting in fall of rice consumption per person to 1.571 kilograms per week. On the other hand, it maintains its consumption of nuts although almonds had quite a decrease to 1.395 million kilograms.

Above all these, foreign and local companies are showing signs of significant growth in the food industry, witnessing the highest counts of collaborations in dairy industry. From as far as Denmark, partnering companies are finding their ways through the local market, of course it comes with language and legal clearance obstacles.

What can you get from the report?

  • Overview understanding Indonesian and their culture
  • Detailed breakdown on halal confectionery industry
  • Major key players in food sector
  • Notable Market Trends in Indonesia

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