Cross-Border M&A

We are one of the very few Japanese companies specializing in providing M&A advisory services to foreign seller companies.
Our M&A advisory service will ensure a smooth cross-border M&A transaction for you. Please do feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries.

Message to the local corporate owner in ASEAN countries

  • Our team of highly experienced cross-border M&A consultants will escort you through the entire business transaction. From the initial negotiations to the final closing, we will make sure the process a smooth one for you.
  • We have a wide range of networks to secure the best buyers or partners in Japan for you. (600+ existing clients, 20+ M&A buyer side advisors)
M&A Advisory Service

Today, the expected role of a business owner or as an investors has expanded as our businesses grew to become more internationalised and complex than ever. One of the topic that is commonly brought up by the management of a company is maximizing a company's value. However, corporate valuation for non-listed companies or SMEs often requires specialized financial techniques and knowledge that are often complicated and expensive.

We, Global Partners Group, coupled with our expertise, experience and knowledge in business valuation, wants to provide all business owners an automated COMPLIMENTARY STOCK VALUATION CALCULATOR so that everyone could be aware of their corporate value that would be useful in considering management and financial strategies. Furthermore, we hope this valuation tool would bridge the communication between an investor and the management.

Overseas Business Expansion

We provide you with the most grounded and practical consulting service to ensure a smooth overseas business expansion process.
We offer consulting services catering to your business expansion. Please do feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries. Our Past Cases

  • (1) Business Partnership

    • We support you to partner with the local companies.

    • You may expand your business overseas before registering your company outside of Japan, through a number of methods. For example, our consultants will help you to partner with a local company.

  • (2) Sales / Marketing Support & Execution in Deputy

    • We provide services to (a) support (or act on your behalf for) your business expansion within the local market, (b) provide marketing and advertisement support by working together with the local media agencies. We will also help you devise sales promotion plans for retail products or Japanese services, and etc.

    • Our business model involves (a) building a practical project target (takes 6-12months), (b) to achieve the target by providing supports in the area of business & marketing.

  • (3) Financial Advisory Services

    • After setting up a local company, we provide services to help you expand or manage your business. We will also work with you to run your business, be it short-term or longer term projects.

    • Apart from providing suggestions, we run business on your behalf and will provide improvements accordingly.

  • (4) Grant Application Support

    • We help client companies for grant applications.

    • We help you verify if your company has fulfilled Singapore government grant requirements, and give suggestions accordingly. Meanwhile, if you are going after any grant, please do feel free to contact us.

  • (5) HR Support

    • Hiring and training talents are the keys to business growth. Based on our deep understanding of your company, we will devise the right HR plan to suit your business model. By partnering with the local headhunting/HR companies, we will source the right person for your business.

    • We will do the first interview on your behalf to evaluate on the following areas (with a full score of 25 points): (a) is he/she prepared to go overseas? (b) does he/she suit your company culture? (c) English competency. We will then arrange a 2nd interview for you to interact directly with the interviewee.

    • We will also help you devise employment terms, offer letter and termination letter.

Accounting/Tax Return

Our team of Japanese-speaking accountants will offer your fully outsourced accounting services.
We will help you do Accounting/ Tax return & auditing support/ visa application. Please feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries.

  • (1) Local Business Management Support

    • Together with our consulting team, our accounting team will act on behalf of our client corporation to do book keeping and payments (for bank and others).

    • We help our overseas clients to report their financial status to the Japan headquarter in either English or Japanese.

    • Our highly specialized accountants in international tax will help you review your tax system and provide suggestions for your tax return.

  • (2) Work / Employment Pass Application Support

    • Working together with our partner companies, we will secure work/dependent/employment pass for you. In rare cases that your visa application is declined, we can take care of the re-appealing process.

    • We also provide consulting services to help you get an employment visa for your talented employees.

    • Our past successful applications: (Jan 2013 – Jul 2016)
      No. of applications filed: 108
      No. of applications approved: 102
      No. of applications rejected: 6
      No. of successfully appealed cases after rejection: 6
      (The rate of approval: 100%)

International Tax

Our group has its headquarter based in Tokyo, and we provide consulting services in the area of international tax and cross-border corporation reform.
We provide consulting services to review and resolve problems related to international tax. Please feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries.

  • (1) Devising Plans to Facilitate Group Corporation’s Internal Transactions

    • Aiming to balance at a right value for all cross border transactions occurred in a group, we not only provide evaluation and review services on taxes such as Transfer Pricing Taxation, but will also suggest to you about building a system for transactions within a group.

  • (2) Business Arrangement and Reform for Companies in Different Countries

    • In order to optimize the profits in a group, we will (a) organize each regional branch’s business files, and also calculate its tax impact, (b) propose to you the relevant reform plans.

  • (3) Corporate Re-Structuring involving Cross-Border M&A

    • We provide M&A consulting services to facilitate a smooth business expansion overseas for our Japanese client corporations.

  • (4) Personal Tax Support

    • We will escort you through the process to emigrate to Singapore, from the initial stage of calculating the exit tax till the final payment.

    • We provide consulting services for you to utilize Singapore wealth management companies better.

Overview of our Business

What you will need Before your expansion After your expansion
Looking to start increase overseas sales Looking to invest into ASEAN countries Planning to emigrate to Singapore Looking to strengthen the management structure Looking to build a stronger HR

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