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Dear Business Owners and Investors,

Today, the expected role of a business owner or as an investors has expanded as our businesses grew to become more internationalised and complex than ever. One of the topic that is commonly brought up by the management of a company is maximizing a company's value. However, corporate valuation for non-listed companies or SMEs often requires specialized financial techniques and knowledge that are often complicated and expensive.

We, Global Partners Group, coupled with our expertise, experience and knowledge in business valuation, wants to provide all business owners an automated COMPLIMENTARY STOCK VALUATION CALCULATOR so that everyone could be aware of their corporate value that would be useful in considering management and financial strategies. Furthermore, we hope this valuation tool would bridge the communication between an investor and the management.

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Who We Are

Global Partners Group is a leading japanese consulting firm for business expansion from Japan to Singapore and other neighboring ASEAN countries. Our consulting service has been delivered to hundreds of clients in the area of strategic and corporate financial advisories since our founding in year 2000. Our group is focused on making corporate overseas expansion and collaboration with foreign companies simpler and more efficient.

General Editorship

Hideo Yamashita (Mr.), Certified Public Accountant in Japan & Certified FMVA
Hideo has 7 years of experience in financial auditing and advisory with KPMG AZSA LLC. His experience includes auditing of more than 10 cross-border M&A transactions. Since joined in GPC SINGAPORE in 2017, he has led 10 cross-border M&A projects and provided Financial Advisory, Stock Valuation Due Diligence Serivce.
Yasuo Sekiguchi (Mr.), Founder of GPC Group, Certified Public Accountant in Japan
Yasuo founded GPC group in Japan in 2000 and manages the group companies in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia as of now. Before founded GPC group, He had experienced M&A related-service in Ernst & Young for 9 years. GPC Group has supported more than 300 Stock Valuations & other M&A related services in the record. The industries in which GPC has particular strength are Manufacturing, Distribution, Food-Processing, Retail, F&B, Media & Telecommunication, IT and Tourism.

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The ideal is...


Most of the small-medium business owner does not know their worth. Ideally, each business owner needs to know the current value of their own company no matter what to run their robust business sustainably, deploy their business expansion or intends to sell their business.

The issue is...


Because a valuation exercise can be expensive and time consuming (requiring weeks or months) to complete, and normally very complicated due to a lot of financial methodology included such as Market comparable, Weighted average discount rate, Net present value formula etc., many have failed to pursue such a piece of critical knowledge.

Our Solution


To lower the hurdle to such information, we have launched a free online self-assessment tool that could give you a result in just 5 minutes as your first step to understand your company's value. Click on the above to find out how and get started.

Knowing your company's worth is important for:
  • Accessing and gaining an adequte understanding of your company's performance and potential
  • When you intend to sell your company
  • Understand what is your largest asset in order to properly plan for your retirement/business's succession plan
  • When planning for strategic funding opportunities to further expand your business

Subscribe to us for Instant Access to our Stock Valuation Calculator

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